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Jane Castings - Tasmanian Husband David Haynes (NON FICTION)

Jane married an ex-convict David Haynes on the 14th February 1853 at St George's Church, Hobart.
Her new husband - David Haynes was born about 1826 in Coventry, Warwickshire, England (1).
In 1846 at the age of nineteen he was convicted at Warwick Court, Coventry for stealing linen and sentenced to seven years transportation. He left England on the Lady Palmyra on the 8th March 1846 and arrived at Hobart VDL on 23rd August 1846 (2). Interestingly this means that David arrived in Tasmania the same month and year as Jane, his future wife.
Convict Conduct Record for David Haynes, TAHO

The Conduct Record lists David as sIngle, an imperfect shoemaker and born in 1826. His description is: 5' 3 3/4" tall, fresh complexion, oval head and face, medium forehead, nose, mouth and chin, sandy hair and no whiskers, brown eyebrows and grey eyes with a pockpitted scar on his left arm below the elbow. He is a Protestant and can read and write a little.

David worked as a convict at New Town and Oatlands on government farms and was reported for a few minor offences. He received his Certificate of Freedom on the 3rd January 1852, one year earlier than his seven year conviction.
After being pardoned he set up home in the old suburb of Wapping, Hobart. This is where Jane and her daughter Maria came to live with him. Although David Haynes' trade was shoemaking, he was employed in July 1880 as the Watchhousekeeper / Gaoler at Swansea – being recommended as the most fit and proper person of those applying for the duties and then three months later he was also employed as the Poundkeeper.

 Election of Swansea Gaoler, 1880. TROVE (3)

Old Gaol at Swansea where David Hayes was Gaoler. Private Collection

Impoundings Notice by Pound keeper David Haynes, 1884. TROVE (4)

Testimonial to David Haynes as Gaoler. TROVE (5).

David Haynes died on 24 July 1906, eleven years after his wife Jane. In his Death Notice (6) it says he was a respected colonist in Swansea for 45 years. This suggests that the Haynes family moved there in about 1861. (NB: In that period of time, the stigma of having been a convict meant that prison time was ignored in memorials).

Death notice for David Haynes, Inserted by Selina Bernard nee Haynes, youngest daughter. TROVE (6).

In his will (7) David includes only 3 children – Maria (married name: Graham), Selina (married name: Bernard) and David with no fourth child mentioned at all (i.e. the second child born whilst Jane was a prisoner)

David Haynes - Last Will



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